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Javea Port fiesta

Javea Port fiesta - Mare de deu de Loreto 2019

This popular fiesta in Javea port starts from 24th August to 8th September 2019 and we always feel that it marks the end of the summer here in Javea.It's all free and open to everyone and something different going on very day. It takes place in the centre of Javea port and in the fishing boat marina.


Join in the great atmosphere and enjoy some excellent seafood tapas and drinks. Here you will also find the bous a la mar - bulls in the sea ( a divided opinion amongst many on this).
On several evenings there are large neighbourhood dinners where everyone can join in sitting at long tables in the centre of Javea port and bring your own food and enjoy the company - a great way to mix with the local Spanish community and maybe learn some Spanish.
There is also live music until nearly sun rise, dance and music shows, street parties, carnival float parade, children's play activities.
A local holiday and day off for us at Ultimate Property Javea is the final day of this Javea port fiesta on the 8th September. Many local businesses, shops, banks will be closed. What goes on on this day - well all we will say is it is a bonkers day, very noisy, fun and unbelievable ?
During the day there is a solemn mass and procession, lots of noise, drums, music and the ear deafening "mascletaā€¯ - firecrackers exploding everywhere in the street which echo off the surrounding buildings!
In the evening are more processions and to mark the end of the fiesta we head down to the pebble port beach with sun chairs, table and a picnic with friends and enjoy the warm evening awaiting the spectacular fireworks display over the sea.
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